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Two-Day Basic Hypnotherapy Training


Basic Hypnotherapy Training

This is our popular two-­day basic hypnotherapy course that is being offered at this time in

Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Please be aware that this is the only short hypnotherapy course

that is currently approved by the HMT Association.

Our intensive two-­day basic hypnotherapy training can either be taken as a stand­alone

course or as the first part (basic ­stage 1) of our complete practitioner training, leading to

a Diploma in Cognitive­ Behavioral Hypnotherapy. Basic hypnotherapy training prepares

students for more in­-depth study, by building a strong foundation in hypnosis methodology.

What You Will Learn

Our two-­day basic hypnotherapy training provides students with a comprehensive

background in traditional hypnotherapy. Students begin by focusing on learning basic

hypnosis skills, which include client assessment, hypnotic induction, and the use of

suggestion. All course content is evidence-­based and draws on current experimental and

clinical research.

After successfully completing our basic hypnotherapy training, students will be proficient in

the basic principles and practice of hypnosis. Students will also receive accurate, up ­to ­date

information on the safe, ethical, and effective practice of hypnotherapy.

How We Teach Basic Hypnosis

We use a variety of teaching methods and cutting-­edge technology in order to provide

highly effective hypnosis training in a short period of time (two days). This includes

engaging lectures and thought­-provoking discussions, as well as active participation in

applied hypnosis training. Although our basic hypnotherapy training is fast-­paced, students

are well supported by qualified, professional instructors with many years of experience as

practicing hypnotherapists.

Our accelerated step-­by-­step training program begins with a fun and informative review of

traditional hypnosis history and methodology. Current hypnosis practice is then examined

and further reinforced by practical demonstrations and hands­on practice. Students are

also introduced to the clinical aspects of hypnotherapy, and how hypnosis may be used to

promote relaxation, reduce stress, and treat a variety of behavioral and emotional issues.


Who Can Attend?


1. You are not required to have any previous hypnosis experience or background in

psychology in order to take this training.

2. Our hypnosis courses are very popular with practicing counselors, life­coaches,

psychotherapists, and psychologists. Practitioners of alternative, naturopathic, and

complementary therapies will also benefit by adding hypnosis to their existing skills.

3. This course is also ideal for anyone interested in learning hypnosis for their own personal

growth and development.

Basic Hypnosis Course Content


What hypnosis is and isn’t


There is still a lot of mystique surrounding the practice of hypnosis, partially due to its use as

an entertainment medium, and also as a result of a poor understanding by the general public

of what exactly is going on when someone is being hypnotized. Therefore, students in our

basic hypnotherapy training course are first introduced to the topic of hypnosis by learning

that it is a valuable and effective healing tool. No one can hypnotize another person against

their will, nor can they force someone to do something that is against their moral and ethical

belief system.

Once students have a good grasp of how hypnosis may be used as a powerful and beneficial

therapeutic technique, it is time to begin working on the practical skills that will be needed

in order to become proficient in hypnosis.

Basic Hypnotherapy Training Curriculum

Our step­-by-­step curriculum guides students through the basic stages of hypnosis training –

increasing their confidence and proficiency. At this level, we stress the core skills needed in

order to become competent at hypnosis.

● How to perform a variety of traditional hypnosis techniques, including hypnotic

induction, deepening methods, and awakening. This is where students discover the

basic skills required in order to practice hypnosis.

● How to build rapport and trust with clients, as well as perform individual

assessments. People are often unsure of what to expect. Learn how to assist clients to

relax, and get the most out of their hypnosis experience.

● Understanding the psychology behind the use of “classic” hypnotic suggestion,

including tips on how to word your suggestions effectively. Students observe the

effective use of positive suggestion and are then offered the opportunity to practice

writing their own suggestions for clients, under the guidance of an experienced


● Using hypnosis to treat common stress and anxiety­-related problems. Real

examples and actual case studies are used to demonstrate the highly effective use of

hypnosis to assist clients to manage everyday stress and anxiety.

● How to integrate relaxation and meditation techniques with hypnosis. Students

will discover that hypnosis is an extremely effective technique for encouraging deep

relaxation. Hypnosis also involves focused attention – an important component of


● Essential self-­hypnosis and “hypnosis skills training” exercises. Students will be

given a set of special hypnosis exercises to work on, that enhance the ability to enter a

deep state of focused attention. These exercises have been crafted by our experienced

hypnotherapists, to provide students with a means to practice their hypnosis skills away

from the classroom.

● Basic pain control techniques. Students will learn how hypnosis may be used as a

natural analgesic, to effectively manage and control pain. This includes an introduction

to the four strategies of pain control (distraction, reframing, numbing, and dissociation)

that are used in hypnotherapy.

● An introduction to hypnosis theory. Students are introduced to past and present

hypnosis theory, from an evidence­-based perspective, including ways in which

hypnotherapy integrates with modern evidence­based CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

● Clinical trials and laboratory studies. A review of current mainstream

scientific ­research regarding the nature and function of hypnosis.

● Important and relevant information about the practical, ethical, and professional

aspects of running a successful hypnotherapy practice. Students will receive expert

advice and guidance regarding a career in hypnotherapy.


Entry Requirements

  • Students on the hypnotherapy certificate course must be aged 18 or over.
  • Students should have no history of criminal convictions or sanctions by professional organizations which might reflect upon their suitability to practice as a therapist.
  • Students should be sufficiently fluent in spoken English to engage with English-speaking clients.
  • Students must be in suitable mental health for training, e.g., without a history of psychotic symptoms or current mental health problems.

Satisfaction Guaranteed / No Risk

We’re so confident in the quality of our training that we will offer to refund your fees in full if you are not satisfied with the course.

Terms and conditions.  Notice of your wish to claim a refund must be given in writing before the end of the first day of training course attended.

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