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Here you will find our guided meditation and hypnosis recordings 

Download Name Play Size Duration
download 3- Calming the Mind - Guided Meditation
29.6 MB 32:19 min
download 1-Relaxation-Session
22 MB 24:02 min
download 2- Sleep Better - Guided Meditation
31.9 MB 34:52 min
download HMTWebWelcomeVideo
1.3 MB 0:35 min


Here you can listen to parts of our Holistic Mind Therapy book

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Holistic Mind Therapy Acknowledgement
0.5 MB 0:20 min
download Holistic Mind Therapy Foreward
1.2 MB 0:53 min
download Holistic Mind Therapy Introduction
7.9 MB 5:46 min
download Holistic_Mind_Therapy_CH1
16.4 MB 11:56 min
download Holistic_Mind_Therapy_CH2
32.3 MB 23:33 min
download Holistic_Mind_Therapy_CH3
31.7 MB 23:05 min


Here you can listen to meditation music

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Almost in F
Kevin MacLeod

75 MB 32:42 min
download Fluidscape
Kevin MacLeod

69.6 MB 30:21 min
download Garden Music
Kevin MacLeod

76 MB 41:17 min
download Light Awash
Kevin MacLeod

40.4 MB 29:20 min
download Peace of Mind
Kevin MacLeod

82.3 MB 35:58 min
download Tranquility Base
Kevin MacLeod

0.2 MB 0:05 min
download White Lotus
Kevin MacLeod

79 MB 34:32 min



Choose from hundreds of self-hypnosis mp3 audios

Our audio downloads will improve the way you feel about yourself, helping you to focus on important self-care techniques such as deep breathing, restful contemplation, guided imagery, and relaxation.  Our audio downloads can be played on your computer, smart phone, tablet, or mp3 player – providing maximum flexibility. Best of all, you can take advantage of our audio downloads anywhere that is convenient for you – whether that is at work, while travelling, or in the privacy of your own home.  

Every audio download we produce is carefully crafted by our experienced, professional holistic mind therapy educators who have successfully worked with thousands of clients over the course of many years.


Our approach

At, we believe in empowering our clients to take control of their own physical, mental, and emotional health and help them to optimize their personal well-being.   Our audio downloads are especially appropriate for this, since clients can listen to our audio scripts any time they need a little extra motivation or encouragement.  We pride ourselves on producing material that is relevant, and most importantly – effective.  Our audio downloads are all pleasant to listen to, and extremely relaxing.   


Why we are different

If you search on the internet, you will quickly discover that there are lots of different companies vying for your business, and your hard earned dollar.  At, we are different.  Our team truly has your best interests at heart, and you can trust that we are dedicated to work with you to resolve any problems or outstanding issues that are holding you back from living the fulfilling life you deserve.


Ethical considerations

At we will only offer you products and services that are morally and ethically sound.  All our audio downloads are derived from scientifically verified research practices that promote therapeutic benefits for our clients.   Every audio download meets stringent professional standards based on proven holistic mind therapy techniques.  Our emphasis on natural, holistic healing methods is also guaranteed to please.


Why we use hypnosis

At we use a combination of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming as well as other holistic therapy techniques in order to offer you the very best solution to rapidly and effectively solve personal issues, and restore balance and stability to your life.

Other approaches such as traditional “talk” therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy can involve months or even years of expensive counselling.   By contrast, holistic mind therapy works quickly and effortlessly to correct any challenging problems you may be experiencing in your life.  By accessing the powerful subconscious mind, it is possible to establish new ways of thinking, and do away with harmful or self-defeating behavior.  Old ways of thinking are reframed and unproductive habits are quickly replaced by new positive behavior patterns.

Difficult problems that are emotionally based – such as phobias (intense fear), panic attacks, or feelings of low self-worth respond especially well to hypnosis, since we are bypassing the conscious mind, that usually “argues back” and makes any progress extremely challenging.  Hypnosis is an extremely important part of holistic mind therapy since it really works for our clients!

Our audio downloads provide a valuable way for our clients to practice self-hypnosis and receive maximum benefit from any private or group sessions that they may have had, with a hypnotherapist.




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