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 I'm very happy with your services. My compulsive fear of dirt was ruining my quality of life. I would spend up to three hours a day washing my hands; often to the point of making them chafe and bleed. Nothing seemed to help, including specialists who prescribed expensive medications and time-consuming therapy. I was at my wit’s end – desperate to get some relief. Then I found your website, and the rest is history. I am making steady progress, and want everyone to know that holistic mind therapy really works! 

Richard T. - Chicago, IL.


Holistic mind therapy has given me my life back. After struggling with a severe fear of flying for many years, I am finally able to travel by air to see my dear family and friends living overseas. A huge “thank you” from the bottom of my heart! 

Janice C. - New York, NY.


 My extreme social anxiety was holding me back in my personal life, and at work. After just one holistic mind therapy session, I was able to overcome my nervousness, and actually enjoy interacting with others again. I am so glad that I decided to try this.

Bill G. - Orlando, FL.


 My doctors had written me off as untreatable, and yet after just four sessions of holistic mind therapy, I am able to function normally again. After being a prisoner in my own home for nearly ten years, I am finally able to take short trips outside. You cannot imagine the relief! Thank you for giving me my freedom back.

Rosa S. - Miami, FL.


 After being seriously mauled by a dog as a child, I suffered unbearable anxiety which was stopping me from going out and having fun with my friends. Even friendly dogs were enough to cause me severe panic. The caring staff at helped me to work through my fear, and I am now able to remain calm and relaxed around dogs.

Mary B. - Gainesville, FL.


 I have battled with my weight since I was a teenager, and had almost given up hope of being able to get my addiction to food under control.  A friend recommended trying holistic mind therapy, as nothing else had worked for me.  Unlike other methods of weight control such as dieting, holistic mind therapy offers a lasting solution.  After several sessions, I felt like a new person, empowered to take on the world!  I cannot stress enough how good I feel now that the pounds are staying off for good.  An added bonus – no cravings! 

Tamara E. - Jacksonville, FL.


 After my father passed away from lung cancer, I knew I had to stop smoking.  Having tried various other methods with little success, I decided to give holistic mind therapy a go.  After three sessions, I was ready to quit smoking for good.  That was one year ago, and I haven’t picked up a cigarette since.  If you really want to stop smoking, give the amazing staff at a call.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

Brad J. - Tampa, FL.


 If you are thinking of trying holistic mind therapy – do it!  My family was tired of my mood swings and short temper, and so was I.  By going back to my dysfunctional childhood, I discovered exactly where these problems began.  I can now take the necessary steps to heal, and to move forward with my life.  My family and I extend our enormous gratitude to

Marcus F. - Miami, FL.


 My hair pulling was causing me a huge amount of embarrassment.  Thank goodness I found some help with your organization.  Your kind and caring staff helped me understand that my harmful behavior was linked to some troubling events hidden away in my past.  I am no longer a victim, and my hair pulling has stopped. 

Iris W. - Fort Lauderdale, FL.


 My fear of public speaking was ruining my chances of getting a promotion at work.  When my boss handed me an important presentation that he expected me to give in front of fifty coworkers, I knew that I needed some serious help!  Thanks to the knowledgeable staff at, my speech went off without a hitch.  I would highly recommend to anyone looking to overcome personal issues that are holding them back in life.

Stephanie H. - Dallas, TX.


I was going to lose the love of my life if I couldn’t get my problem with overspending under control.  My girlfriends called it “retail therapy”, but all it caused was trouble when the bills came due.  No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t seem to stop myself.  Holistic mind therapy was a last ditch attempt at saving my relationship and my life.  Thanks to, I now know that my overspending was a symptom, not the real problem.  By tackling the real issues in my life, I am now ready to address my shopping addiction, and take back control of my life.

Jessica M. - Raleigh, NC.


Severe acne was wrecking my social life.  I had tried all the usual expensive creams and lotions with no success at all.   Every time I looked in the mirror, all I could see were red blemishes and ugly zits.  I had no confidence and my self-esteem was at a zero.  Desperate to do something to fix the problem, I attended a free holistic mind therapy session offered by  I am delighted to report that my skin cleared up in just three short weeks.  Happy doesn’t begin to describe how I feel!  Thank you so much.

Laura Y. - Los Angeles, CA.


I have battled insomnia for years, but lately the problem seemed to be getting worse and worse.  I would lie awake for hours, night after night – desperate for a good night’s sleep that never came.  Sleeping pills just made me feel groggy and depressed.  My aunt who has also struggled with insomnia, told me about, and I decided to try the relaxation techniques offered on their website.  To my great surprise, these audio programs really work!  For the first time in years, I am able to truly relax, and have begun sleeping much better through the night.  Thank you!

Sue P. - Miami, FL.


Like most guys, it took a real wake up call, for me to decide that something needed to drastically change in my life.  For me, the problem was my uncontrolled type two diabetes.  I never seemed to have time to eat healthily and exercise, so it should have come as no great surprise when my physician told me I would have to take daily insulin shots.  The very next day I contacted to find out what I needed to do, to restore myself to good health.  One month later, I am happy to report that my blood sugar is back to normal, and I feel better physically and mentally than I have in years!

Kevin M. - Tampa, FL.


Migraine headaches were taking away weeks of my life.  Not only were the headaches themselves agonizingly painful, but I also felt devastated as precious time slipped away – time I was spending in bed while my two young daughters were growing up without their Mom around!  Holistic mind therapy was the answer I was looking for.   Thanks to the understanding staff at and their relaxing non-invasive therapies, I have been migraine-free for a year and a half.  I want everyone to know, that you can trust this organization to give you back the life you truly deserve.

Monica C. - Fort Myers, FL.


I have struggled with feelings of worthlessness and poor self-esteem for a very long time.  At one point, I was on three different types of antidepressants, and yet I was still feeling awful inside.  After just two sessions of holistic mind therapy, I felt an enormous weight lifting off me as I released stress that I had been carrying around since I was a teenager.  Finally, I am ready to start living again!

Jane H. - Vero Beach, FL.


Depression had been a constant unwelcome companion in my life, until I was introduced to the life altering therapies at  Thanks to the dedicated staff there, I am now learning to listen to my body, and heal myself.

Connie F. - Orlando, FL.


Procrastination was a huge problem for me, resulting in missed opportunities, and constant stress.  On a whim, I decided to try holistic mind therapy, and I haven’t looked back since!  Not only do I no longer put things off, but I also understand myself much better now.  These techniques really do work!

Angela K. - Daytona Beach, FL.


The compassionate staff at helped me to put my life back in order following the devastating loss of my baby.  Without holistic mind therapy, I believe I would still be lost in grief.  My husband and I are so thankful for the peace of mind you have given us.

Trudy L. - Miami, FL.


I was diagnosed with hyperactivity as a child, and have often struggled to stay focused on the task at hand.  When I noticed that this was negatively impacting my performance at work, I decided to do something about it.  The experienced staff at knew exactly what to do.  Using relaxing holistic mind therapy techniques, they helped me to learn new ways to calm my mind, and improve my attention.  Thank you!

Rich N. - Naples, FL.


My life was in turmoil following a life altering motor vehicle accident that had left me with a traumatic brain injury and memory loss.  However, it was the emotional impact that was the most upsetting.  For months I wrestled with unpredictable mood swings that I felt powerless to control.  Eventually, I signed up for an individual session with one of your holistic mind therapists – it was the best decision I could have made.  I am now giving my mind and body the best possible environment to return to full health again.

Jamie D. - West Palm Beach, FL






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