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My Nail Biting Compulsion


nail biting

 I have a little secret to share with you. For many years, I struggled with the most embarrassing problem you could imagine. Did I suffer from foul body odor or bad breath? No, my upsetting problem wasn’t something I could easily disguise with deodorant or a breath mint. Instead, I suffered due to the awful condition of my finger nails.

From the earliest time I can remember, I have always chewed my nails. At first, I found the sensation to be comforting and distracting. As I grew older, I found myself biting my nails without even thinking – a quick fix for my stressed out persona. “At least I’m not smoking!” I would rationalize to myself, completely ignoring the fact that my nail biting compulsion was damaging my hands as well as my self-esteem.


Phobias and NLP


phobias 1024x531A phobia is an intense and irrational fear of something. Someone who suffers from a phobia will go to great lengths to avoid the issue that is creating their fear – a response that has the unfortunate and unintended result of increasing their discomfort, causing an even greater and more extreme psychological reaction than was the case, originally.

For example, Suzie is terrified of spiders – a common phobia known as arachnophobia. Perhaps, this fear originated during her childhood when Suzie’s little brother mischievously pretended to put a spider down the back of her dress (it was actually a toy spider made from rubber and fake fur).


Becoming an Observer In Your Own Life



Have you ever wanted to be an observer in someone else’s life? Hanging out just like a fly on the wall, taking in all the gossip and goings on that are normally private and hidden from view. Then again, have you ever wondered what it would be like, becoming an observer in your own life? That may be easier than you think – in fact, it is one of the healthy ways we learn to cope with difficult events.


A skilled therapist can easily work with a client to examine an issue that is causing them trouble. However, it is only through the therapeutic process that takes place during hypnosis, that it is possible to effect change at a subconscious level – allowing the client to transform, and enabling them to move forward once again, with life.


Can Pain Ever Be A Good Thing?


pain management reliefBelieve it or not, pain can definitely be a good thing. In fact, I would go so far as to say that pain is absolutely essential. Without pain to warn us that something is wrong, we would continue to expose ourselves to danger. We might remain blissfully unaware of serious injury – a serious burn, broken bone, or deep cut.

A perforated ulcer or burst appendix could kill us, simply because we would lack the sensations that tell us that something is hurting us very badly. Psychological pain is no different. Our mental anguish is often revealed through various symptoms such as depression, anxiety, or irritability.

Past trauma can result in extreme psychological dysfunction – negatively affecting a person in a number of different ways, and on many different levels.


Hypnosis And Children


african american family bike ridingDid you know that children as young as three years old can respond to hypnosis – often even more effectively than adults! Hypnosis is very natural and comfortable for children, due to the fact that they tend to have such vivid imaginations, and are very comfortable using them. Children are constantly “exercising” their imaginations – such as when playing “pretend” or reading stories.

Being asked to “imagine” a favorite scenario is calming and soothing for them. Unlike some adults, children do not see anything strange or unusual about using their imagination for age-appropriate visualization. They generally enjoy the relaxation techniques that are used to establish a hypnotic trance.

Supportive positive suggestions also work well with young ones, who will respond quickly and easily to guidance while under hypnosis. A qualified, experienced hypnotherapist, who is comfortable and familiar working with children, will produce the best results.




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