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Becoming Self-Aware

Lisa is a middle-aged woman who works for an accounting firm in New York City.  Her boss is an overbearing man who likes to flirt with some of the younger employees.  There are always pressing deadlines and far more work than can be easily accomplished.  Today has been especially stressful, and Lisa is aware that she has forgotten to eat lunch.  She is vaguely aware of the presence of the new hire, an attractive young secretary who appears to have done little more than talk on the telephone all morning.  

Suddenly, Lisa’s boss runs into the office and yells at her about a report he needs for a meeting in one hour.  Lisa can feel herself become tense and flushed, but she doesn’t say anything.  Instead, she finds herself grinning idiotically at her boss and stammering something about getting it done as soon as possible.    

Happiness Checklist


We’ve all heard of the mantra “setting yourself up for success,” but nowhere is this more true than in the pursuit of happiness.  Unfortunately, most people simply don’t know how to go about finding happiness and feel guilty, puzzled or angry when it doesn’t come their way.  

Others quickly obtain happiness but find the feeling is short-lived, fading almost as quickly as it arrived.  Life resembles a roller coaster with soaring highs and sinking lows.  Needless to say, there is no reason why you should not be able to find happiness in your life, and it should come with ease!





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