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Hypnotherapy As a Treatment For Depression



Hypnosis is now considered to be an effective treatment for individuals suffering from clinical depression. While medications such as antidepressants help to treat the symptoms of depression, they do little to resolve the cause of the problem in the first place. In addition to this, medications can cause serious and unwanted side effects.

Hypnosis addresses the underlying cause of the depression – an important step if one is to put an end to the symptoms, rather than simply masking them. Psychologists agree that there are often triggers that can affect the way a person responds to challenges in their life.


    What Exactly Is Secondary Gain?


weight loss 100907 02

No, secondary gain does not refer to another stubborn layer of fat around the middle. That is what I thought it meant, the first time my hypnotherapist brought up the topic. It turns out that I was not losing weight quite as quickly as expected by hypnosis – a weight loss method that generally produces fast, lasting results.

“I knew it!” I exclaimed. “I am destined to be fat forever!” At this point, my hypnotherapist looked at me long and hard and explained that she suspected that the issue of secondary gain was the culprit. Hypnosis wasn’t the problem – rather, it was the fact that I was somehow benefitting from all the extra weight I was carrying. An absurd idea I thought at the time, considering that I felt truly desperate to slim down, and look like all the other successful young women who surrounded me at work.

Appetite – Is it all in your stomach or your head?


skin healthy food

The other day, I ended yet another wretched diet – a weight loss plan that involved starving myself by drastically reducing my caloric intake, and removing all my favorite foods which I determined were simply too fattening to be included. Of course, I couldn’t possibly keep this going for very long. Sick of punishing myself for the crime of being overweight, I decided that enough was enough. It was time to say goodbye to severe restrictive diets for good.

What I did notice during my self-imposed famine was that my appetite didn’t go away, but actually seemed to increase along with my continuous attempts to deny myself food. Although there were some growly protests coming from my stomach, the loudest noise came from inside my head. 

Using Hypnosis to Lose Weight


weight loss

Have you ever noticed how often you find yourself doing things, without really thinking about what is happening? As human beings, we are able to accomplish a lot by only paying minimal attention. Once a behavior or activity is well established, we are able to function as if we are on “automatic pilot”.

This frees up our brain, to carry out additional important tasks. You probably don’t give a lot of thought to what you are eating, so long as the food tastes good, and fills you up.

However, for overweight individuals who need to lose weight, this tendency to “zone out” is not helpful at all. Complicating matters, the pleasure center in our brain is being rewarded while we eat, even if we are not paying attention. 

Can Someone Control Your Mind With Hypnosis?

hypno3An interesting question came up the other day – that of whether or not it is possible to control someone’s mind by using hypnosis. This is one of the main reasons that people fear using hypnosis as a therapeutic option to help them change negative behavior. There is the worry that they will be forced to do something that is either totally outrageous or completely embarrassing while in a hypnotic trance. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This fear of “mind control” is one of the myths that hold people back from trying this amazing therapeutic technique. Rest assured that no one can make you do or say anything while in a hypnotic trance, that is against your moral and ethical principles. If you are uncomfortable doing something before hypnosis, then you will not be any more willing to involve yourself while in a deep trance.



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