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Not Just For Golfers! Confidence Building for Sports Performance!



Many golfers (and other athletes) discover that their years of practice and experience can only take them so far. It appears that there is another factor at play – a positive mindset. It basically comes down to confidence. Even with the most refined technique honed through hours of dedication and practice, many golfers fail to believe in their ability – lacking confidence in their performance, especially when playing under pressure.


Irrational fears based on anxiety over the outcome of their performance can quickly derail even the best golfer under otherwise ideal conditions. Concerns over making the next shot, losing to a competitor, and looking good on the golf course (and avoiding humiliation in front of one’s peers) can easily dominate a person’s attention.


As we all know, focus is one of the most important skills for a golfer – and this is very difficult, if not impossible to maintain when one is worried about numerous irrelevant details that actually have very little to do with the game itself. In short, lack of confidence (and too much emphasis placed upon those around you), can negatively impact one’s game.

Happily, there is a solution! Sports hypnosis offers golfers and other athletes a means to effectively “train” the mind. An experienced hypnotherapist can assist golfers to gain focus, manage negative thoughts, and build confidence, allowing them to play at the top of their game, regardless of what is going on around them. It doesn’t matter whether a person is a complete beginner, or playing at an expert level – confidence is an essential component of sports excellence.

Matt is an enthusiastic golfer who has played at an intermediate level for many years. “I used to love this game” he told me, “but lately I find my mind drifting and I worry about what others are thinking”. “The other day, I missed an easy shot and felt totally embarrassed. After that, my game was a mess!”

Matt is a prime example of someone who bases their self-esteem on their athletic performance. Unfortunately, this can result in a lot of stress as well as being detrimental to their game. The more Matt worried about what his buddies were thinking, the worse he played – a downward spiral that had him questioning whether he should be playing golf at all!

Matt signed up for two hypnotherapy sessions, in which he learned to focus only on himself, and not to worry about what everyone else was doing or thinking. As Matt’s confidence grew, his golf game improved, and he started to have fun again. If you find yourself wondering what you have to do, to take your game to the next level, give hypnosis a try. Training the mind is every bit as important as your physical practice, and you may well be surprised how effective hypnosis is, at boosting your confidence.



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