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Why Hypnosis Doesn't Work For Everyone, And What You Can Do To Fix This!



Hypnosis is an amazing natural therapy that can literally change people’s lives for the better. Why then, do certain individuals struggle with hypnosis? In his 2015 article, Australian hypnotherapist Bob Mellet offers some valuable insight into this issue. It turns out, that the problem isn’t so much the hypnosis itself, as it is the misconceptions that still exist regarding what hypnosis can and can’t do.

Many people still view hypnosis as nothing more than an entertainment spectacle. The idea that hypnosis can be used for therapeutic benefit is greeted with skepticism or outright contempt. It is very difficult to enter a deep trance when you are feeling uncomfortable with the whole process.

Discomfort, anxiety, and nerves get in the way of what should be a pleasant, restful experience! Some people may need a lot of extra time to relax enough, simply to allow hypnosis to take place.

There are also people who are so fascinated by the concept of hypnosis that they start analyzing what is going on, instead of relaxing and letting go! By overthinking the process, the person being hypnotized is distracted by unwanted thoughts and questions that prevent them from entering a deep hypnotic trance. By over-stimulating their brain, these individuals fail to achieve the state of focused awareness that naturally occurs during hypnosis.

Thankfully, there are some things that can be done in order to easily remediate these problems. An individual who is worried about hypnosis or afraid of being made to look like a fool can benefit from a hypnotherapist who takes the time to truly explain how hypnosis works and what is going to happen. Putting people at ease is all part of the hypnotherapy process.

Over-thinkers can benefit from an explanation too – only this time, information is given regarding how the brain functions. Although our brain is an incredible, complex organ, it works best when there is a limit to the incoming data. Too much stimulation at one time can interfere with our ability to focus (imagine trying to concentrate on a complicated math problem while at the same time someone is also asking you to recall a childhood memory. Although hypnosis is indeed an interesting phenomenon, you need to relax and enjoy the process in order for it to work as it should!

In reality, nearly everyone can be hypnotized – although some people may take longer than others to achieve the deep hypnotic trance characteristic of hypnosis. Don’t let past experience hold you back – a qualified hypnotist will be able to put you at ease, and help you to quiet your mind in order for hypnosis and all the wonderful therapeutic benefits to work for you.



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