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How I Learned To Enjoy Eating Again

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I am a self-professed dieting veteran. Now, being a veteran in most instances is an honorable thing – but when it comes to dieting – not so much. I had tried them all, including a few diets that were positively dangerous – limiting my food intake to just a few boring food items or restricting my caloric intake to the point of starvation. Not smart at all.

Upon the advice of a close friend (who incidentally had managed to lose 50 pounds and keep the weight off), I found myself sitting face-to- face with a hypnotherapist, who assured me that hypnosis was the answer I was looking for. At first, I was highly skeptical. I didn’t totally trust in the procedure, and I was frankly worried that I would be the victim of “mind control” whatever that is.


My hypnotherapist put me at ease, reminding me that nothing bizarre or embarrassing would take place and that no one can be forced to do something while hypnotized, that they wouldn’t do at any other time. In fact, the strangest part of the whole hypnosis experience involved my hypnotherapist’s “unusual” recommendations for success.

She explained that in order for my weight loss therapy to be most effective, I needed to adhere to the following 4 important rules: (1). Eat when you are hungry. (2). Pay attention to your body and eat the foods you crave. (3). Stop eating when you feel full. (4). Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. Wow – these were rules I could actually stick to!

To my complete surprise and delight, I did indeed lose weight – and I have kept it off. However, an even more valuable benefit occurred in which I learned to enjoy eating all over again. I felt a tremendous release at being allowed to enjoy so-called “forbidden” foods such as chocolate cake, ice cream, or chips. However, I discovered that I no longer mindlessly consumed these items to the point of feeling sick – a small portion was all I needed in order to feel completely satisfied.

I continued to eat out, just as before. However, I often returned my restaurant plate with food on it or took home a big doggy bag to enjoy with Rover the next day. I sailed through a family birthday party with absolutely no stress at all – enjoying a small amount of the rich traditional food lovingly prepared by my relatives – feeling overjoyed that I no longer had to come up with feeble excuses for avoiding their tempting offerings.

Best of all, though, I discovered that I had a new appreciation for just how good food really tastes! Believe it or not, back when I was overeating, I didn’t really enjoy the food I was consuming. Neither did I take pleasure in my restrictive diets. With all that behind me, I was finally able to take the time to truly savor my food – relishing the taste, and thankful for the pleasure of eating once again.

Would I recommend hypnosis for weight loss? Absolutely! This sensible, easy therapeutic technique has put me back in complete control of my eating habits. In my case, I required 2 sessions initially, with 6 more follow-up sessions throughout the year. I will continue to see my hypnotherapist as needed, to reinforce my weight loss goals, and to “top up” my resolve. I now look forward to my “relaxing therapy” as I like to call it, and am overjoyed that I have found something that truly works.



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