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What Happens to the Brain During Hypnosis




As hypnosis becomes increasingly accepted as a viable and effective therapeutic technique, there is more and more public interest in what is actually happening to a person physiologically as they enter a hypnotic trance. 

Scientific testing has done away with any mistaken ideas that hypnosis is nothing more than entertainment trickery. We now understand that there are a number of definite, measurable physiological changes that take place in the body, as a person goes into the deep state of relaxation that occurs during hypnosis. 

Not unexpectedly, people who are hypnotized experience a significant reduction in their heart rate and blood pressure. However, it is the changes that take place within the brain that are the most interesting.


When studied by scientists using specialized EEG equipment, the brain of a hypnotized individual exhibits an increase in low-frequency brain waves and a decrease in high-frequency brain waves. This unusual condition suggests that while under hypnosis, a person exists in a state somewhere between being asleep and awake. Using MRI and PET scans, scientists have further determined that during hypnosis, brain activity slows down on the left side (usually the hemisphere most active when a person is awake), and increases on the right – the creative hemisphere of the brain.

While more scientific study is needed in order to gain a thorough understanding of the complex physiological changes that take place in the brain and body during hypnosis, it is already apparent that this ancient therapy is responsible for functional alterations in brain waves and brain activity. These results are real and empirical – easily replicated whenever a subject is in a hypnotic trance.

There is no scam or deception involved in hypnosis – this amazing therapy is a natural, holistic method that can produce transformative change within the brain! When used by a professional, trained hypnotherapist, hypnosis offers an incredible, safe, non- invasive technique that can produce life-changing results. In fact, hypnosis can often make a positive difference for people unable to benefit from other more conventional therapies.

Thanks to continued scientific study, people who have been skeptical of hypnosis in the past are now realizing that this alternative therapy is a valuable option for everyone.



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