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How Holistic Mind Therapy Saved My Relationship


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 You’re probably looking at the title of this blog posting, and thinking to yourself – “ha! If only it was that easy!” Of course, we all know    relationships that are doomed from the outset – two completely incompatible people fall in love, and decide to commit. Well, after the first  few months, the bumpy relationship becomes positively turbulent – and it isn’t long before the couple decides to split up.

 Licking their wounds, both members are likely saddened and disappointed, although relieved that the unfortunate coupling has ended. Life  goes on. Well, that scenario pretty much describes my relationship with a guy we’ll call Bob. Bob was my older brother’s best friend – a  fitness fanatic with amazing physical attributes.


I am what most would call a couch potato, so we weren’t exactly a perfect match from the get go. One day, Bob invited me and my brother to a hockey game. At the bar after the game things got rather heated, and the rest, as they say, is history. Bob and I fell for each other hard. We agreed to keep seeing one another, and shortly afterwards decided to get hitched.

It didn’t take long before our differences became obvious. Bob was up first thing every morning for an invigorating run, while I was nothing short of catatonic. At night, Bob was winding down, whereas I was revving up! Small disagreements became huge fights, and neither one of us was having a good time. I started to dread Bob’s positive attitude (something that had initially attracted me to him) and found myself to be surly and irritable.

Desperate to feel better about our relationship (I had almost given up hope of it lasting beyond a year), I agreed with Bob to go and see a holistic mind therapist. Using a combination of hypnosis and other natural therapies, she guided us back from the brink and helped both of us re-connect again. In our case, it wasn’t so much that we had grown apart (not enough time had elapsed for that!), but rather that Bob and I had never had the opportunity to explore our friendship other than on a very superficial level.

Bob and I learned how to communicate effectively and truly listen to one another. During individual hypnotherapy sessions, we were able to work out problematic issues from our past that were getting in the way of our present relationship. We both began to recognize the wonderful qualities that had attracted us to one another initially and started to build on these. The fights diminished, and marital happiness returned.

I am still a night owl, but not so much of a couch potato anymore. Bob and I love to go hiking together, and he is even teaching me to ice skate! Bob is totally respectful of my need to sleep in whenever I can, and I too understand his preference to go to bed early. We both practice meditation and I have learned to relax at night with the aid of some fabulous hypnosis scripts. Life is good and so is our relationship!

Now, I’m not saying that every relationship is salvageable. However, in our case, holistic mind therapy allowed us to heal on both a personal level and as a couple. Don’t hesitate to give this natural therapy a try – you will truly find peace within your soul – and you may even save your relationship!



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