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Becoming an Observer In Your Own Life



Have you ever wanted to be an observer in someone else’s life? Hanging out just like a fly on the wall, taking in all the gossip and goings on that are normally private and hidden from view. Then again, have you ever wondered what it would be like, becoming an observer in your own life? That may be easier than you think – in fact, it is one of the healthy ways we learn to cope with difficult events.


A skilled therapist can easily work with a client to examine an issue that is causing them trouble. However, it is only through the therapeutic process that takes place during hypnosis, that it is possible to effect change at a subconscious level – allowing the client to transform, and enabling them to move forward once again, with life.



You may be wondering what is so important about change that takes place deep within the subconscious mind – why not just decide to fix a problem, and use willpower and motivation to trigger the necessary behavior adaptations to take place? It just isn’t that easy – in fact, there is a simple reason to explain why it is extremely hard for a person to “will” themselves to make important personal changes.

The subconscious mind is very resistant to any type of change, even change for the better. That is why deeply entrenched habits are so difficult to alter. We may consciously understand that smoking cigarettes or eating too much fatty food is bad for our health, but be completely unable to correct these potentially harmful behaviors.

Our entire physical and emotional makeup is designed to keep us doing exactly the same things – maintaining the status quo. To do otherwise, can make us feel very uncomfortable indeed. However, by engaging in a therapeutic process during hypnotherapy that enables a person to go back and re-visit challenging events from their past, it is absolutely possible to re-frame an incident or change a behavior that is no longer effective or relevant, and replace it with a new successful strategy. Due to the fact that the subconscious mind is open to suggestion during hypnosis, the usual resistance to change is diminished.

What does this mean? Well, instead of fighting deeply established habits and beliefs, it is possible to completely alter one’s response to challenging life events. Whether this includes reacting to an incident of road rage, managing problems such as a fear of public speaking, or beating an addiction – progress can finally be made because one is no longer fighting against the natural tendency of the subconscious mind to resist change.

The usual automatic “gut-instinct” type of behavior is replaced by a thoughtful response that takes into consideration multiple complex factors that may be contributing to the situation. In essence, one takes a step back and becomes an effective observer – able to recognize when a different behavior is required, and ready to put this new information into practice.

Best of all, much of this takes place at a subconscious level. While a person may briefly assess a potentially difficult situation, the answer is right at hand – the subconscious mind now serving as a helpful ally and a useful guide. Many people report that the desire to engage in the old, ineffective behavior no longer exists – amazing relief for problems that have sometimes existed for years.









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