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Can Pain Ever Be A Good Thing?


pain management reliefBelieve it or not, pain can definitely be a good thing. In fact, I would go so far as to say that pain is absolutely essential. Without pain to warn us that something is wrong, we would continue to expose ourselves to danger. We might remain blissfully unaware of serious injury – a serious burn, broken bone, or deep cut.

A perforated ulcer or burst appendix could kill us, simply because we would lack the sensations that tell us that something is hurting us very badly. Psychological pain is no different. Our mental anguish is often revealed through various symptoms such as depression, anxiety, or irritability.

Past trauma can result in extreme psychological dysfunction – negatively affecting a person in a number of different ways, and on many different levels.


The main difference here, though, is that we are often wrongly encouraged to ignore our psychological pain by minimizing it, or even pretending that it doesn’t exist. No one would advocate continuing to walk on a broken leg, and yet it is all too common to push on through incredible feelings of hurt and sorrow as if everything is more or less okay.

Just like physical pain, psychological pain is there for a reason. It is trying to tell us that something is wrong and that we need to pay close attention. In fact, if we continue to ignore our psychological pain, we often find that our body works even harder to get us to listen! For example, a low mood can lead to a chronic headache. If we continue to disregard our important emotions, we may find ourselves with a lowered immune system – falling ill with every sore throat and runny nose that comes our way.

Holistic mind therapy is a natural healing practice that focuses on the whole body. In particular, it offers the opportunity to connect with our powerful subconscious mind – identifying our true feelings, and recognizing areas that need to change. Personal transformation can take place when an individual is able to understand the reasons behind their own harmful behavior.

Emotional turmoil is an important clue that something is out of balance and needs to be fixed. A person may not even be aware of why they continue to sabotage themselves with destructive habits. An angry emotional outburst may provide the only clue that there is something in a person’s life that needs to be resolved. Hypnosis can address all this and much more, by opening the subconscious mind to accept positive suggestion.

Troublesome events from the past can be reframed, enabling the person to finally move forward with his or her life, again. This is why I say pain is a good thing. Without it, we might be tempted to keep going, even when we need to stop, and take care of ourselves. Part of good mental health involves setting aside some time to replenish our spirits and restore our mental and physical energy.

By noticing when we are feeling out of sorts, we are able to take action, rather than carrying on until something really bad happens. Pain in this case, is our very own personal messenger.



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