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How I Lost Weight Using The Gastric Band Hypnosis


Gastric BandI want to tell you my story because I feel it is so important that other men and women learn about this wonderful new technique that is available to help them lose weight. No, this is not a gimmick, nor does it involve unhealthy starvation diets or pills. Thanks to gastric band hypnosis, I have been able to lose close to half my body weight, simply by using the healing power of my subconscious mind to guide me towards healthier eating habits.

My name is Gladys, and a year ago I weighed over 300 pounds. Not only did I look terrible, but I felt bad as well. I have a small frame, and the excess weight was literally killing me. I found myself out of breath simply from walking across the room, or by climbing a flight of stairs.

My joints ached, and the skin on the inside of my thighs was red and raw from the friction created when I moved my enormous body. I put my back out several times due to my obesity – leaving me bed ridden for weeks at a time. I felt a mess, and my appearance and state of mind reflected this.


I was desperate for a solution, but I knew that diets didn’t work for me. I couldn’t stand the intense food cravings, and always “gave in” a short while later. Exercise was almost impossible due to my size and poor health, and I had begun to seriously consider whether or not bariatric surgery was an option.

Unfortunately, the price of an operation to place a gastric band on my stomach was simply prohibitive for me – way too expensive. Believe it or not, I was told by my health insurance broker that I didn’t weigh enough to even qualify for financial assistance! I was also scared of surgery – believing that there was a good possibility that I would fail to wake up afterward. I needed something different – an effective solution for my weight problem that I would be able to maintain.

Then a friend told me about gastric band hypnosis. At first, I was skeptical – it all sounded way too good to be true. However, I was desperate, so I went along for an appointment to find out a little bit more. I learned that gastric band hypnosis is a therapeutic technique in which a person believes that they have undergone a gastric band surgical procedure while under hypnosis. Of course, this is not really the case, but our powerful subconscious mind is extremely receptive to suggestion during hypnosis, and there is no doubt in the person’s mind afterward that the operation has really occurred.

The beauty of this is that gastric band hypnosis produces all the benefits of the procedure without the risk of surgery itself. Following a pleasant, relaxing hypnosis session (and two follow-up sessions later on), I found myself feeling totally satisfied after eating amazingly small portions of food. My food choices changed too, as I discovered that I actually craved nutritious, healthy food. My addiction to sugar all but faded into nonexistence.

That is how I managed to lose the weight! Without any hunger or feelings of deprivation, I was able to completely reform the way I ate – and throughout the entire process, I felt supported and in control. If you too are struggling with your weight, you owe it to yourself to check this out. Gastric band hypnosis might well be the miracle cure you are looking for.



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