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Anxiety and Hypnosis


anxiety disordersAnxiety is one of the most common conditions nowadays – probably in part due to our stress filled lives filled with overwhelming responsibility and long hours of work. Although most of us have experienced brief episodes of nervous tension and worry, anxiety is more problematic.

Not only are the symptoms of anxiety unpleasant and disabling, but the condition itself can serve as a pathway to other more serious physical and psychological conditions. Constant anxiety never allows the body to return to its normal functioning state.

As such, it is important that anxiety is treated, and not left to inflict ongoing damage. Some of the unwanted physical effects of anxiety include a weakened immune system, digestive disorders, headaches, muscle tension, and insomnia.


Untreated anxiety can increase a person’s risk of suffering from high blood pressure, type II diabetes, and heart disease. The psychological impact of anxiety can lead to frightening panic attacks, depression, and irritability. Other serious conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, and adjustment disorders are also fueled by anxiety.

Anxiety is neither easy nor straightforward to treat. In fact, this common disorder that is responsible for countless trips to the doctor is often difficult to cure, simply because having anxiety itself can be anxiety provoking! Medication is rarely effective for long – masking the symptoms and producing a number of unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects.

Common sense advice from family and friends is rarely appreciated – after all, it is impossible to will oneself to relax and stop being anxious! This is where hypnosis – a component of holistic mind therapy – can offer lasting relief, when all other options fail. There are so many health benefits to hypnotherapy – and no unpleasant or harmful side effects. This completely natural healing technique encourages deep relaxation – offering immediate assistance for individuals who are struggling to still their mind, and quiet their racing thoughts.

Using hypnosis, a skilled therapist can evaluate a client’s anxiety, and assist him or her to adopt successful relaxation techniques that truly work. By accessing the powerful subconscious mind, it is possible to heal past trauma, and implement new successful coping strategies. All of this is achieved while the client is comfortable and resting – maintaining focused awareness – an ideal physiological state for avoiding anxiety and encouraging deep relaxation.

Hypnosis offers hope for thousands of people who suffer from the harmful symptoms of chronic anxiety. Additional benefit can be achieved by taking advantage of self-hypnosis scripts that are recorded for use by clients. This offers a way for anxiety sufferers to practice deep relaxation techniques, and gain relief at their own pace, and in their own personal space. Regardless of whether a person chooses hypnosis “in person” or through the use of a hypnosis script, these therapeutic techniques offer quick, lasting relief from this serious and debilitating condition.



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