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Hypnotherapy As a Treatment For Depression



Hypnosis is now considered to be an effective treatment for individuals suffering from clinical depression. While medications such as antidepressants help to treat the symptoms of depression, they do little to resolve the cause of the problem in the first place. In addition to this, medications can cause serious and unwanted side effects.

Hypnosis addresses the underlying cause of the depression – an important step if one is to put an end to the symptoms, rather than simply masking them. Psychologists agree that there are often triggers that can affect the way a person responds to challenges in their life.


For example, the loss of a dear family member may cause depressive symptoms such as discouragement, overeating, exhaustion, lack of motivation, etc. – complicating normal feelings of grief and loss. Although medication may initially improve a person’s mood, the negative impact of the traumatic incident itself (the death of a loved one) remains unresolved.

Some depressed individuals engage in cognitive behavioral therapy in an attempt to move forward with their lives. Unfortunately, this technique while successful for some – can lead to months if not years in therapy. Not only is this time consuming, but the expense can also be considerable.

Contrast this, to the approach taken by a hypnotherapist, trained to treat depression that is resistant to more conventional therapeutic methods. By relaxing the mind and body (through hypnosis), it is possible to connect with the powerful subconscious – offering suggestions and assisting the client to reframe his or her stored experiences.

Beneficial results can often be obtained within just a few hypnotherapy sessions. Unfinished business is finally taken care of, and a sense of possibility is restored. Old destructive habits are no longer needed – self-sabotaging behaviors that served only to perpetuate the person’s misery. Now that the client is no longer triggered by past events, and held back by unhelpful and distressing emotional reactions, it is possible to once again respond to challenges in a positive and well-balanced manner.

Once issues that have contributed to the individual’s depression are resolved, it is time to move on to establishing new ways of balanced, healthy living. Hypnotherapy also assists clients to engage in a healthy lifestyle – getting enough sleep, eating healthy nourishing food, and participating in a beneficial exercise regime. Hypnotherapy can work on many levels addressing lots of different areas in a person’s life, and helping people feel “whole” again.



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