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Appetite – Is it all in your stomach or your head?


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The other day, I ended yet another wretched diet – a weight loss plan that involved starving myself by drastically reducing my caloric intake, and removing all my favorite foods which I determined were simply too fattening to be included. Of course, I couldn’t possibly keep this going for very long. Sick of punishing myself for the crime of being overweight, I decided that enough was enough. It was time to say goodbye to severe restrictive diets for good.

What I did notice during my self-imposed famine was that my appetite didn’t go away, but actually seemed to increase along with my continuous attempts to deny myself food. Although there were some growly protests coming from my stomach, the loudest noise came from inside my head. 


I was totally preoccupied with food – consumed even! No matter how hard I tried, I could not seem to ignore the persistent cravings that followed me everywhere. At first, I tried the helpful suggestions of well-meaning friends. “Go out and distract yourself” they said. Unfortunately, even a trip to the local park (for some exercise) involved passing by my neighbor’s house – the same place where I loved to take in the wonderful aroma of homemade cookies, and freshly baked bread.

The sweet smell of cinnamon buns and coffee wafted from my local bakery, and even the fast food joint on the corner tempted me with pictures of their delicious breakfast offerings. It was as if every single sensory sight, sound, and smell were collaborating in an effort to sabotage my weight loss plan. Nothing was working, and I felt tortured by the very existence of food.

Worse yet, I wasn’t losing any weight at all. It just didn’t seem fair! I ended my diet, not only because it wasn’t working, but in an effort to reestablish healthy eating patterns, and adopt an effective weight loss method that I could maintain. Instead of focusing on my stomach (and food), I settled on a method that would resolve the issue in my head – my obsession with food, itself.

That is why I have signed up for weight loss hypnosis – a therapeutic method that promises to help me lose the weight, without having to endure the misery of hunger and deprivation. Hypnosis works on a person’s subconscious mind – enabling them to reduce their portion size without the usual discomfort and cravings. For me, this seemed almost too good to be true – a miracle cure for a problem that I have been suffering from, for years.

The beauty of hypnosis is that it is a pleasant, relaxing process that encourages stress reduction rather than increasing nervous tension – yet another reason why it is almost impossible to keep weight off by using conventional methods. Instead of concentrating on my stomach, I will be resolving my weight issue, by healing from within, and by motivating myself via my own healing powers. Truly a radical approach – but one that promises to work, where all the other attempts have failed. 



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