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Using Hypnosis to Lose Weight


weight loss

Have you ever noticed how often you find yourself doing things, without really thinking about what is happening? As human beings, we are able to accomplish a lot by only paying minimal attention. Once a behavior or activity is well established, we are able to function as if we are on “automatic pilot”.

This frees up our brain, to carry out additional important tasks. You probably don’t give a lot of thought to what you are eating, so long as the food tastes good, and fills you up.

However, for overweight individuals who need to lose weight, this tendency to “zone out” is not helpful at all. Complicating matters, the pleasure center in our brain is being rewarded while we eat, even if we are not paying attention. 

This combination of events can result in a person eating much more food than they intended – a recipe for gaining yet more unhealthy weight. As you can imagine, it is not at all easy gaining conscious awareness of everything you do and say on a regular basis.

However, it is possible to communicate with your subconscious mind, through the use of hypnosis in order to gain control over any harmful behaviors (such as overeating) that require some restraint.  When we are in a relaxed state of focused awareness (such as a hypnotic trance), our subconscious mind is open to positive suggestion.

A trained hypnotherapist can assist us to re­program the information that our subconscious mind has established as “truth”, and replace it with facts that are more in line with our current goals. For example, if you have been snacking late at night on high-calorie food, your hypnotherapist may suggest that you try eating something more nutritious instead. Next time, you feel the hunger pangs start up you may be surprised to find yourself reaching for a piece of fruit.

Some people struggle with changing their old, destructive habits due to something known as “secondary gains”. What this means is that deep down, there is a positive reason for holding onto a harmful behavior, even if it is not at all obvious what the benefit could be (even to the person involved).

An example of this is when a person says that they want to lose weight, but are in reality, afraid that their slim body would make them overly attractive to men. It will be very difficult for that person to drop any pounds, while they are using their excess weight to help them stay away from the dating scene and keep men at a distance.

Even difficult problems such as the one above can be easily resolved with the help of a skilled hypnotherapist. Perhaps, something traumatic occurred in the person’s past, causing them to be fearful around men. Once the issue is resolved (often by going back in time to re­examine the upsetting event), the person is able to move forward with their life and lose weight successfully.



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