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Not Just For Golfers! Confidence Building for Sports Performance!



Many golfers (and other athletes) discover that their years of practice and experience can only take them so far. It appears that there is another factor at play – a positive mindset. It basically comes down to confidence. Even with the most refined technique honed through hours of dedication and practice, many golfers fail to believe in their ability – lacking confidence in their performance, especially when playing under pressure.


Irrational fears based on anxiety over the outcome of their performance can quickly derail even the best golfer under otherwise ideal conditions. Concerns over making the next shot, losing to a competitor, and looking good on the golf course (and avoiding humiliation in front of one’s peers) can easily dominate a person’s attention.


Why Hypnosis Doesn't Work For Everyone, And What You Can Do To Fix This!



Hypnosis is an amazing natural therapy that can literally change people’s lives for the better. Why then, do certain individuals struggle with hypnosis? In his 2015 article, Australian hypnotherapist Bob Mellet offers some valuable insight into this issue. It turns out, that the problem isn’t so much the hypnosis itself, as it is the misconceptions that still exist regarding what hypnosis can and can’t do.

Many people still view hypnosis as nothing more than an entertainment spectacle. The idea that hypnosis can be used for therapeutic benefit is greeted with skepticism or outright contempt. It is very difficult to enter a deep trance when you are feeling uncomfortable with the whole process.

Discomfort, anxiety, and nerves get in the way of what should be a pleasant, restful experience! Some people may need a lot of extra time to relax enough, simply to allow hypnosis to take place.

How I Learned To Enjoy Eating Again

skin healthy food

I am a self-professed dieting veteran. Now, being a veteran in most instances is an honorable thing – but when it comes to dieting – not so much. I had tried them all, including a few diets that were positively dangerous – limiting my food intake to just a few boring food items or restricting my caloric intake to the point of starvation. Not smart at all.

Upon the advice of a close friend (who incidentally had managed to lose 50 pounds and keep the weight off), I found myself sitting face-to- face with a hypnotherapist, who assured me that hypnosis was the answer I was looking for. At first, I was highly skeptical. I didn’t totally trust in the procedure, and I was frankly worried that I would be the victim of “mind control” whatever that is.


What Happens to the Brain During Hypnosis




As hypnosis becomes increasingly accepted as a viable and effective therapeutic technique, there is more and more public interest in what is actually happening to a person physiologically as they enter a hypnotic trance. 

Scientific testing has done away with any mistaken ideas that hypnosis is nothing more than entertainment trickery. We now understand that there are a number of definite, measurable physiological changes that take place in the body, as a person goes into the deep state of relaxation that occurs during hypnosis. 

Not unexpectedly, people who are hypnotized experience a significant reduction in their heart rate and blood pressure. However, it is the changes that take place within the brain that are the most interesting.


How Holistic Mind Therapy Saved My Relationship


fingertip to fingertip 370

 You’re probably looking at the title of this blog posting, and thinking to yourself – “ha! If only it was that easy!” Of course, we all know    relationships that are doomed from the outset – two completely incompatible people fall in love, and decide to commit. Well, after the first  few months, the bumpy relationship becomes positively turbulent – and it isn’t long before the couple decides to split up.

 Licking their wounds, both members are likely saddened and disappointed, although relieved that the unfortunate coupling has ended. Life  goes on. Well, that scenario pretty much describes my relationship with a guy we’ll call Bob. Bob was my older brother’s best friend – a  fitness fanatic with amazing physical attributes.




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